Victor G Annas (
Wed, 3 Aug 94 11:42:30 EDT

OK Sports Fans,
I suppose that I get a red face award again. However before I put
it on I'd like to say that I've read a number of sources that refer to the
German Loz patterns as being woven into the fabric. "German War Birds"
published in 1929 refers to the Loz as a woven pattern. Also "Combat Colors
of World War I" published in 1969 states that these patterns were woven into
the fabric of the a/c. When I asked the folks at Wright Pattersons AFB if
this was true, they stated that the original Loz was in fact woven. When
I asked them how the Germans got a loom to weave a repeating pattern, They
said they weren't sure. I tend to agree with Bill's argument that it would
be difficult at best to get a repeated pattern with a loom. Even harder would
be the problem of dying the threads consistantly. So I guess I'll wear that
Red Face for a bit.
One side question. The Schiffer book on the Fokker Dr.I and the DVII
shows an artist drawing of Manfred and Lothor Richtoffen flying side by side.
I have always wondered if the Loz on Lothor's DVII was 4 color or 5 color. I
like the color scheme of that plane, but can find no other documentation on
it. Has WWI Areo published anything about this plane? It's the one with the
black and white checker board on the tail.
Mit vielen frage.