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WWI Aero and Skyways
These two journals are published by the same outfit, World War I
Aeroplanes, Inc. WWI Aero covers 1900 - 1919 and Skyways covers 1920 -
1940. They are wonderful journals published 4 times a year and have lots of
information for the restorer, modeler or enthusiast. I HIGHLY recommend WWI
Aero. Many fine materials can be had through them.

They $25/year/journal minimum.

Write for a subscription to:

World War I Aeroplanes, Inc.
15 Crescent Road
Poughkeepsie, NY. 12601

Tell Leo you heard about them (if you did) from Doug Jones. By the way I
have no real affiliation with either of these journals other than a happy

The First
In 1992, Frank Ryder, put together what was billed as the largest gathering
of WWI airplanes in the world. He has a museum in Guntersville, Alabama
with some 40 replica and reproduction WWI airplanes. And more coming
everyday. He took a lesson from Cole Palen, may he rest in paece, about
what were to happen with this huge collection of airplanes should he and
his wife pass. So he formed a corporation called The First Warplanes to
which he will eventually give all the aircraft from Ryder's Replica Fighter
Museum. The First is dedicated to preserving the history of aviation,
especially WWI aviation. He has been joined by Joe Gertler (who has the
largest collection of WWI surplus parts in the world) and together with a
very knowledgeable Board of Directors has embarked on this journey.

They will hold Aerodrome 'XX each year. Sort of a Oshkosh for WWI planes.
The welcome modelers.

Membership is $30 per year.

Send your check to:
P.O. Box 366
Guntersville, Al. 35976

I am a charter member and have received one Aerodrome Update, their
magazine. And it is really something to see. It came with TWO covers. One
so you can frame the Jim Dietz print that is on the back and STILL have a
cover. They promise Updates 4 times yearly for now and then growing to 6
times yearly. They also offer many items for sale, both full scale and
models. I know Joe Gertler has 4 or 5 German leather flying helmets. These
are the ones with the ear flaps and neck covers. He was asking $100 a piece
for them. They were made about 1920. They are offering an interesting
selection of actual WWI German cockpit supplies for sale. Worth joining
just to see what they do and get the magazine.

Joe Gertler has collected all of the records from the Wright brothers and
Glenn Curtiss. Plus has tones of other documentation that will become
archives within the organization. Much neat stuff to see and get your hands
onto as time passes.

I will be attending the Mid Hudson R/C jamboree this year on September 10th
and 11th. But will be going to Aerodrome '95! Aerdrome '94 is August 20th
and 21st in Gadsden, Al.

Guys talk about a place to get documentation photo's etc!

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