Loz patterns.

Victor G Annas (vganna01@engr.uky.edu)
Tue, 2 Aug 94 10:14:52 EDT

OK sports fans. I want to post this as a technical point. I've seen
several postings lately that have said Loz patterns were printed. This is not
exactly right. Loz patterns were *woven* into the fabric. I've seen examples
of Loz at Wright Patterson AFB in the restoration facility. These pieces
clearly had no printed pattern on them. I've never found any documentation
on how the Germans made it, but there must be some information somewhere. I
know there must be because someone is still producing it for the restorations
that are being done. I know it is spliting hairs to point this out, but there
is a difference. BTW; Wright Pat just completed restoration of a Neuport 17.
It really is something to see.