Re: Fokker DVII wings

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 08:18:14 -0600

I know that!

>In modelling it, however, you have to choose to do Palen's replica or the
>original as they are very different from one another. Palen's plane is
>white; the original, while it's not known what color it actually was, is
>not white. Palen's rabbits are brown whereas photos of the original suggest
>that they may have been white or at least a very light color relative to the
>background. Also, the people are painted differently.

Larry is right. Though the Palen D-VII had the supporting documentation
there I didn't study it enough to see how close it was. It would surprise
me if it wasn't very close though. Cole, was funny about that. He liked his
replicas to be as close to the originals as possible.

Larry you and I can settle this on September 10th!

Another documentation note. I do not know how many of you subscribe/belong
to WWI Aero. It is a wonderful journal printed 4 times a year. Plus they
list tons of materials for sale etc. Also there is the _The First
Warplanes_ group out of the Frank Ryder WWI Museum in Alabama. If anyone
needs information about getting involved in either organization, e-mail me
and I can send you the information.

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