Eduard EIII, DML Kits

Allan Wright (
Mon, 1 Aug 94 13:37:59 -0700

Hello modelers,

Please welcome (Brian Bushe) to the list. Here
is some information he sent me with his request to join the list:

-Allan Wright
Bloody good idea, and thanks for posting the digest. Please enroll me on your
mailing list ( if you aren't currently on your deathbed - oh do it anyway!).
Interested to about the Eduard EIII as I am just about to finish ( well
hopefully) one. I have scale drawings which I will check tonight regarding the
extra span. Also agree that the photo etch is sometimes a problems - re the
fuel pump, stick, and others. Problem I am anticipating is the rigging to the
central 'pillar' ( don't know technical terms), as it appears the eyelet is
two small for more than one thread or whatever I'll use. I might go to the
'net for an answer for this one. Also noticed the teutonmania apparant in the
digest. I must admit to suffering from it also, but I would like some info on
the DML Spad I am about to start on.



Si scio paedicor