Matt Melchert (MATT@waikato.ac.nz)
Mon, 1 Aug 94 16:46 +1200

Last September I started a Hansa-Brandenburg DI vac kit from Classic Plane.
Progressing quickly through the basic wing and fuselage construction, I then
got stuck on how to do the interplane struts. If you recall, that's the
one with the struts arranged like the edges of two pyramids, one balanced
upside down on top of the other (hence the nicknames "Star-strutter" or
"spider"). I'm absolutely stumped as to how to go about doing them, or rather,
I can't decide which of two methods to use:

a) Cut the struts from strut stock, making them overlong, then poking
them through angled holes drilled in the wings and adjusting to fit
(this is somewhat easier);


b) Cut the struts from strut stock to EXACTLY the right length, then
drill tiny holes in the wings and in the ends of the struts and use
a very short length of guitar string pre-bent to an elbow shape
to fasten the struts to the wing (this is more realistic).

The problem has taken on the character of a mental block. Since I got to the
present point I've taken that kit out many times, stared at it for a long,
long time, then given up and put it away again. In the past I haven't had
much luck in "cutting things to EXACTLY the right length", and the other way
seems rather heavy-handed. Has anyone else met this problem? Suggestions

Vexed N. Perplexed