Re: Fokker DVII wings

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 08:29:09 -0600

This is quite true. Generally the ribs had a piece of fabric tack to the
capstrips. It was through this that the rib stitching went. Also rib tapes
were doped on. The trailing edge developed it's scalloped look from the
trailing edge wire as pointed out. The plywood leading edge sheet is also

> A couple of bewares at this point: not all upper wings may have been
>covered with lozenge,but it's probable that they were. If the rib-tapes don't
>show up, then it's also possible that the tapes were also lozenge fabric.

Also something ELSE with lozenge to watch for is the undersurface lozenge
was often LIGHTER than the upper surface lozenge. A fact often missed by
scale judges.

If you wish to pursue a different looking D-VII, Cole Palen introduced (we
got see the first public flight with an original Mercedes engine) a new
D-VII lat year. It is basically white with a lozenge wing. On the sides are
painted the characters from Grimm's brothers Fairy Tale, _The Seven
Swabians_ (spelling might be off). It is a beautiful ship. I don't know if
photos packs are yet available from Bob Banka. I have quite a few plus
video of the flight.

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