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Mick Fauchon (
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 09:52:25 +1000 (EST)

> Mick, wie geht es ihnen

Danke, bestens.

> Well Mick if you got the first red faced award, I get the second.
> While trying to find the info on Jasta 18 last night I glanced through the
> booklet on the Pfalz DV. It seems that this was only a designation that
> was given to the Pfalz DIIIa. The Pfalz DV was to see service with the
> Austrian Flicks. Only a few made it there though. The line drawings do
> convey some slight variation to the standard Pfalz DIII. Can you concur
> with this.

More or less. My info says it was to be a development (?) of the
III/IIIa series, but never reached the development stage.

The problem that I have here in the States is that there is
> very little new information being published about WWI. So a lot of my
> sources are older (Mid '70's to early '80's) I've only seen a couple of
> things released in the last two years abotu the great war. These were
> concerned mainly with the ground war. Its sad when compared to the recent
> release of the JG 26 history by Donald Caldwell. It's a fantastic book, but
> it's all about WWII.

There seems to be more coming out now. And there wa a fair bit written
between the wars. But you've got to chase it.



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