Fokker DVII wings

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Mon, 1 Aug 1994 11:48:18 +1000 (EST)

Hi, all.

Wings on DVIIs were definitely not smooth, and a look at any
reasonable photo will clearly show the (usually light blue) rib tapes.
It will also show the curved trailing-edge tension wires, clear evidence
of a fabric-covered structure. The only part of the upper wing that was
plywood covered was the leading edge strenghtening strip, which does show
as smooth in the photos.
A couple of bewares at this point: not all upper wings may have been
covered with lozenge,but it's probable that they were. If the rib-tapes don't
show up, then it's also possible that the tapes were also lozenge fabric.
A good reference is the cutaway drawing of the DVII on pp. 50-51 of
William Green's An illustrated anatomy of the world's fighters. Also in Alex
Imrie's Fokker fighters of World War one, on p. 43/plate 78, you'll see a
photo of Lt. Friedrichs DVII, the first delivered to Jasta 11, in a quite
compromising position, but clearly showing light blue rib tapes, and the
curved trailing-edge tensioning wires. In the same book, on p. 49/ plate 91,
it shows a crashed DVII with tattered fabric hanging from the wrecked wing.
AS far as I know, the only other part of the aircraft that was plywood
was the spine stiffener.
Hope this helps.....




Chris Perleberg: if your kit has smooth wings, it shouldn't.
Sorry Larry.

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