Aruora Fokker EIII

Victor G Annas (
Fri, 29 Jul 94 13:08:46 EDT

Mick, fur ein model Fokker EIII Flugzeug, ich gern Eduard.
The Aruora kit is just old. I don't know of any other way to put it.
I have an original copy that was released in the late 1960's. There is very
little surface detail to it and the shape of the fuselage is not exactly
correct. The kit can be corrected with a little attention to detail, but all
and all it doesn't compare to the Eduard. Molded on markings are another
with this kit, as is the case of most of the WWI Aroura stuff.
As for the deminsions of the Eduard EIII; did you blow up the 1/72
plans on a photo copier, or did you calculate the diminsions by hand. I
know from past experience that there is a margine of error with a photo
copier. In some cases this error is as much as 10%. This is due to the
shape of the lens in the copier. If the original image was blown up once
and then the first generation copy is again "blown up" the margine of error
increases exponentially. I have found that it is much better to take the
original diminsions of the subject and scale them, mathematicly, to the
scale that I am modeling in. This takes into account the possible errors
in printing of the original text.
Altough an photo-copied enlargement is a good resource for scaling
models, it is not the always the best solution to the problem. My .02 cents,
stick with the original dimensions.
BTW, your right about the photo etched tubular parts. They do
look cheesy. I think I'll take your suggestion and re-do my EIII with plastic
Fur Gott und Konig,