Pfalz DV question

Victor G Annas (
Fri, 29 Jul 94 11:23:06 EDT

Mick, wie geht es ihnen
Well Mick if you got the first red faced award, I get the second.
While trying to find the info on Jasta 18 last night I glanced through the
booklet on the Pfalz DV. It seems that this was only a designation that
was given to the Pfalz DIIIa. The Pfalz DV was to see service with the
Austrian Flicks. Only a few made it there though. The line drawings do
convey some slight variation to the standard Pfalz DIII. Can you concur
with this. The problem that I have here in the States is that there is
very little new information being published about WWI. So a lot of my
sources are older (Mid '70's to early '80's) I've only seen a couple of
things released in the last two years abotu the great war. These were
concerned mainly with the ground war. Its sad when compared to the recent
release of the JG 26 history by Donald Caldwell. It's a fantastic book, but
it's all about WWII.