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Mick Fauchon (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 13:04:16 +1000 (EST)

Hi, all!

On Wed, 27 Jul 1994, Victor G Annas wrote:

> For those interested I just completed the newly released Fokker EIII
> from Eduard. It's quite a nice kit. I built SOB and found that it gave me
> very few problems.

One side of mine was slightly warped, but it pulled out easily enough.
A review that I read mentioned bad fitting around the engine cowling, but I
haven't found that yet.

The kit comes with a photo etched set

Fine, except that the framing of the EIII was welded tube-steel,
which looks definitely peculiar in flat brass. I completely reconstructed
the framing with plastic rod, and did much the same with most of the interior
detail, including the seat, which was too wide. There's not much reference
around on Fokker interiors, but there is a reasonable one in Ray Rimell's
"Fokker fighters": if you use it, beware: some of the instumentation is

and a cast metal
> engine.

When they supply pushrod tubes, why do they mould them on the faces
of the bloody cylinders!!??

The molding is good, but had a few craze marks in it.

According to my drawings, both wings check out one span too short.
Anyone else find that?

> Albatross. That was the worst kit that I've ever seen. It did have a
> great decal sheet though.

I heartily agree. Don't touch it: it's a DOG. Even the dec. sheet
isn't worth the price of the whole kit.



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