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John P. Roll (
Wed, 27 Jul 94 22:24:57 -0500

You should be receiving the DH-2's in a couple of days. I did not get them out
Tuesday morning, but my wife mailed them Tuesday night. I hope you enjoy them.
Please let me know how they turn out - you are going to build them, aren't you?

I have a submission for the WWI modeling list. I'm kind of a newbie at these
things - how should I send them? Do I just do as I have done here? Or, do I
send them to you by themselves? Or, do I do something else? I hope that this
way is not too inconvenient for you - if there is another way I need to post
this submission, just let me know and I will comply. Well, here is my news:

Hi everybody!!

I just returned from the 1994 IPMS Nationals in Omaha Nebraska, USA. It was a
most enjoyable experience with a whole lot of stuff of interest to persons who
have like WW1 aircraft. There was a lot of neat stuff for sale, as always, but
that is not why I am writing.

The center of the IPMS convention was of course the model contest. Overall the
number of entrants was down this year approximately 1200 this year versus 1800
last year in Atlanta. However, according to a friend of mine who judges
regularly, the caliber of the competition was much higher this year - expecially
in the area of WW1 modeling. In fact, there were so many WW1 entries this year
in the vac-form category that there was a split: WW1 and non-WW1. I have
regularly competed in vac-forms and have never seen that happen. In fact, the
number of entrants has, overall, been dropping. It seems that WW1 vac-forms are
becoming very popular!

Anyhow, here are the results of the 1/72 (sorry, I'm kinda myopic |) I only do
1/72 scale....) categories in which there were interesting WW1 type aircraft

1/72 biplanes:

1st Siemens-Schuckert D. III by Steve Hustad
2nd Nieuport 17 (I think...)
3rd Bleriot IX
Hansa-Brandenburg W. 12 (Honorable Mention) by Steve Hustad

1/72 WW1 vac-forms

1st Aviatik B.II by Steve Hustad
2nd Lohner L
3rd  AGO C. III
Interesting Entry: Siemens-Schuckert D. IV by Steve Hustad

1/72 scratch-built

1st Knoller C. II by Steve Hustad
2nd I don't recall
3rd I don't recall
Interesting Entry: Albatros J.II by Steve Hustad (you can see this model on
page 8 of  Windsock Vol.  9, No. 5 Sept/O

In case, you haven't noticed, there is a heavy representation of one person -
Steve Hustad. Steve is a good friend of mine who now lives in Kansas City (I'm
from Minneapolis). He has convinced me to take the plunge - I am starting on an
Albatros D . III. I've had the interest, but not the guts - until now. Steve
is one of the best WW1 modelers I know and although he is not connected, I have
told him about this group and am certain that he would be willing to answer any
WW1 modeling questions.

BTW, Fine Scale Modeler is supposed to be doing an article on Steve's WW1
models in the issue that hits the stands in October. Check it out!

Well, I hope that this is of interest to some of you.

Happy Modeling!
John Roll

John Roll