Pfalz DV

Victor G Annas (
Thu, 28 Jul 94 10:57:59 EDT

Guten Morgen Mick,
Yea, Pfalz did produce a DV it was A follow on to the DIII. It
carried a slightly different epenage and the lower wings connected to the
fuselage a bit differently. I have an older booklet at home that was
published in Brittian; it gives a good bit of info on the this bird.
I'm interested to know how you found the Fokker E III wing was 1
span short. I didn't see that at all. Of course I was comparing it to
the OLD Aroura kit that I had to suffer through a couple of years ago.
Who is going to start producing 1/32 nd scale stuff? Now this
is interesting! Bigger wings, bigger guns, bigger problems; Oh YEA!
I could get into that.