Thu, 28 Jul 1994 11:03 -0400 (EDT)

For anyone interested, Sierra models inc. is located in
Elizabethtown, Kentucky. They make a nice selection of hard to find WWI
aviation kits (mostly in 1/72nd scale). I've not built any personally,
but I've seen a number of them built up. They looked very nice.

I have purchased their 1/48th Phoenix D I/II and Roland CII kits.

In general

40 thou plastic used
Struts and wheels are vac-formed
OK surface detail
White metal engines, guns, and propellors
No decals (they also sell Blue Rider sheets)
$20 a kit
Instructions come with a list of references and scale plan drawings with
markings. No real assembly sequence.
Text writeup including suggestions for difficult assembly sequences.

I compared the Phoenix vac to the drawings and photos in the Datafile and it
compares well.

What you need to build these kits:

References, especially for the interior.
Contrail stryene strut stock
Maybe the Tom's WWI German photoetch sheet for the guns and interior doo-dads.

I also have the 1/72nd AEG G IV. All of the above comments apply. This kit also
has a sprue of injection molded plastic wheels props and guns. $15

I like Sierra's subject selection. The 1/48th scale stuff is mainly WWI
Austro-Hungarian and includes airplanes like the Aviatik D.I & C.1, Ufag C.I,
Hansa Brandenburg C.I, and Phoenix C.I.