DML kits

Victor G Annas (
Thu, 28 Jul 94 10:37:32 EDT

Hello Doug,
I cought your post asking if the DML kits were any good. Well I've
built three of the Dr.I's and there nice. I've just started the DVII and
it's a much better kit than the monogram. I would try to find some
documentation if you want to super detail them. Given all else, I have yet
to find any kits that compare to the DML's. They are certainly in the
competitive price range when compared to some other kits out there.
For anyone interested, Sierra models inc. is located in
Elizabethtown, Kentucky. They make a nice selection of hard to find WWI
aviation kits (mostly in 1/72nd scale). I've not built any personally,
but I've seen a number of them built up. They looked very nice. I'll
be going to E-town sometime in September. If you want I'll post a list
of the available kits.