Randy J Ray (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 13:06:21 -0600 (MDT)

So I've got a few Revell kits: Fokker Dr. I, E.III, and Moraine-Saulnier Type
N. I've got a few Tom's Modelworks sets, mostly to use in patterning plastic
parts since I prefer to avoid brass when I can (for my current armor project,
a Sherman VC Firefly, I tok the brass set I had, photocopied them onto paper,
and used the paper as a guide to cut the parts from plastic). I even have
Windsock Datafiles coming in the mail for the Dr.I and E.III.

What I am lacking is any good reference for the M.S. Type N, or any interior
shots at all. I have the Squadron/Signal book on the Dr.I, the Aircraft Profile
for the Fokker monoplanes, and an Osprey book with some nice engine shots.
When I go home (to Oklahoma City) in about 5 weeks, there is a museum there
with a Le Rhone 120 out in the open, that I can photograph for details such as
wiring, pushrods, etc. But I need pointers to books that will provide me
mainly with interiors, engine mounts, and other subtle details that can help
me make a decent model out of these kits that frankly look more like toys than
anything else.

Any help appreciated.


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