Wed, 27 Jul 1994 15:54 -0400 (EDT) writes:

Also are there
any kit Mfg's out there that are making a good Pfalz DIII or Pfalz DV in
1/48th scale?

I have the Blue Max Pfalz D.IIIa. This is an injection molded kit with white
metal parts and some decals (personal and national markings, no lozenge decals -
they suggest you order these from Americal Gryphon).

This kit is a lot better than the company's earlier releases (Spad VII - ugh).
The detail is nice, minimum flash, the only major fit problem is with the lower
wing roots. The fuselage pieces are rather thick - the instructions suggest
sliding the built engine up into the nose and the completed cockpit section up
through the fuselage bottom before attaching the bottom wing root piece. It is
too tight and a real pain in the butt (from what has been writyten in MMP and
the recent IPMS Journal)

>From my own research I must say that the cockpit detail is all wrong. Forget the
kit parts. Get a copy of the Windsock Datafile and check out the drawings. An
very good article on the Pfalz fighter appeared in Flight and Aeroplane Mechanic
magazine. This has excellent drawings of the cockpit arrangement.

It is pricey at $50 list. I got mine for $37 from APC Hobbies.

Tom's Modelworks makes vacuform Pfalz D.III & XII kits ion 1/48th scale.

Eduard has announced a Pfalz D.III kit. If it is as good (and relatively
inexpensive) as their Siemens Schuckert kit then I would say this is gonna be a

If I ever get around to building mine I'll post a review.