Turning off MIME/HTML email formatting

For MS Outlook, this option is found under the Tools Menu, Options. Click on Mail Format and select Plain Text from the drop down menu.

If you're using Outlook Express, this option is located similarly (Tools menu, Options), but you'll need to click on the Send tab. Set the Mail Sending Format to Plain Text.

In Netscape Communicator 4.7 (on Macs, but I believe the method is the same on non-Macs)

Go to Edit/Preferences

Then under Catagory  Mail & Newsgroups/Messages
at the bottom of the window where it says "Send messages that use 8-bit characters"
check  As is (does not work well with some mail servers)
then click OK button

If one's messages then don't work, one can
A. complain to their server
B. change servers
C. keep sending MIME messages that irritate the recipients
D. sell the computer for scrap and go back to writing letters

So far this is all we have. If you use another email program, and would like to contribute information for turning off MIME/HTML within that program, please send the instructions and a screen shot if possible, to Allan Wright or Matt Bittner.
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