WWI mail order sources

Aeroclub produces Vacuform and resin kits in 1/72 scale as well as white metal and photoetch customizing parts like guns, engines, etc. They also carry other brands of Vacuform kits and accesories.
Their address in England is:
1a Baker Avenue
Arnold, Nottingham
E-mail: Aeroclub@compuserve.com
Americal/Gryphon Decals
Sending 3 first class stamps (or $1.00) will get you a catalog and order blank. Presently they offer 100 different sheets, devoted entirely to World War I aircraft mostly 1/72 but with a growing number of 1/48 offerings. Several different lozenge sheets are covered as well as a variations on national markings, particularly German crosses.
They are available from:
Americal/Gryphon Decals
4373 Varsity Lane
Houston Texas 77004
Archer Fine Transfers
Makers of surface detail dry and wet transfers; stiching, rivets, etc.
Their mailing address is:
Archer Fine Transfers
1205 Silvershire Way
Knightdale, NC 27545
Phone: (919) 266-4181
E-Mail: transferman@mindspring.com
Atlee Models
Makers of resin parts in 1/72 and 1/48: Pilots, seats, engines, etc. Very detailed and accurate.
Their mailing address is:
Gary P. Atlee Models
c/o Edward A. Dyer
P.O. Box 1030
Roslyn, PA 19001-9030
Avation Usk
Only call Tues. - Fri. noon-5:00pm Pacific time. They carry expensive resin kits of very rare planes. Kits are iported from Europe and Asia. $2.00 catalog. I have not ordered from this company but have their catalog if anyone is interested.
Their mailing address is:
Aviation Usk
602 Front Street
Usk, WA 99180
Phone: 509-445-1236

Aviation World
Carries models and reference materials - located in Canada

Phone: (416) 674-5959

Blue Rider
Manufacturer of Vac+Resin Kits, Conversion Kits, decals and accessories. Richard Humberstone of Blue Rider is on-line and may be contacted via e-mail at: richardh@stratauk.demon.co.uk

Copper State Models
WWI p-etch details, soon releasing 1/48th Dornier D.I., Hlbstd.CL.IV, Pfalz D.XII. and Fok.D.V. these are resin with cast metal parts, p-etch and nice decals from Microscale. They do take VISA.

Their mailing address is:
3245 E. Hillery Dr.
Phoenix, AZ. 85032
(602) 867-8822

John C. Fredriksen, Ph.D
Author of the Model Warplanes series of books on flying models.

His address:
John C. Fredriksen, Ph.D
461 Loring Ave.
Salem, MA 01790
(508) 745-9849
Koster Aero Enterprises
Vac formed 1/48 scale WWI classics including a Fokker E.V/D.VIII, Hannover CL.III, SSW D.III/D.IV and Sopwith Triplane. All kits are mixed media with resin, photo etched brass and white metal accessories. Decals have been included in all of the kits I have purchased.
Their address:
Koster Aero Enterprises
610 Euclid Court
Highland Park, IL 60035
Carry Aeroclub, some Czechmaster, Joystick, Eduard, Pegasus, Rareplanes, Sierra, Windsock and others. Also have discontinued kits available.
Their address:
P.O. Box 770
Springville, CA 93265-0770
(209) 539-2973
Mad Models
Carry more affordable 1/72 WWI models, like Academy/Minicraft and Revell.
Web orders only:
Miilam Models
Uced kit dealer, also carries some books.
His address:
Milam Models
519 DiLorenzo Drive
Naperville, Il. 60565
(630) 983-1407
M. J. Rudy's Models by Mail
Carries some WWI vintage models.
Their address:
M. J. Rudy
4507 Comly Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135-4015
(215) 533-0616
Model Cellar Productions
From Paul Ondeck - President: "We are a relatively new company specializing in Miniatures of the Great War 1914-18. You may have seen our ads in Finescale Modeler (Jan '94 and Dec '94). Currently we have several resin figures in 120mm and 1/35 scale. Also, we just started some diorama accessories. In addition we have a mail order business that focuses on World War I - we stock World War I model kits from Airfix, Commander Series, DML, Etc."

Model Cellar Productions accepts phone orders through the number below and accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Their address:
Model Cellar Productions
P.O. Box 388
Horsham, PA 19044
(215) 672-1432
Pegasus / Blue Max
Manufacturers of limited run injection molded kits. The Pegasus line is 1/72nd only, while the Blue Max line is 1/48th. Pegasus also markets decals in both scales. USA customers may order directly from the manufacturer without paying for air mail postage.
Pegasus Models
Lancaster House
P.O. Box 50
Kent CT5 2UX England
Phone: 44-0-1227-277-569
Fax: 44-0-1227-770-195
PD Decals
Manufacturers of WWI decal sets - available in the U.S.A. from Rosemont Hobbies.
The Austrailian manufacturer:
PD Decals
P.O. Box 883
Eltham,Melbourne,Austrailia, 3095
Ragwings are usually limited run resin kits.
They are available from:
MGS Enterprises
24 Bishopgate Dr.
Rochester NY 14624
Roll Models
Model shop specialising in WWI. Run by WWI Modeling Mailing list member John Roll - He carries tons of great WWI modeling products!
Their address is:
2709 Vale Crest Rd
Crystal, MN
Voice: (612) 545-0399
Fax: (612) 545-0899
E-mail: john@rollmodels.com
Rosemont Hobbies 610-502-1137
Rosemont is run by an avid WWI buff. They produce many of their own conversion kits, planes and extra parts. (Ex: rockets, replacement fuselages for different plane varriants from existing kits, etc.) I have been happy with their custom parts (Roseparts) and service. Free catalog. They also carry Miekraft, Eduard and Pegasus models.

Sierra Scale Models
This company produces a number of first world war and early WW II aircraft kits in vac-form in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. Recent releases include an LVG C-VI and Albatros C-VII in 1/72 scale. These are female moulded kits with either Aeroclub metal parts or more recently injection moulded plastic (low pressure variety). This company has also produced kits of first war twin engine aircraft including AEG G-III (both 72 and 48), Friedrichshafen G-III (1/72) and Caudron R.11 (1/72). Sending an SSAE will get a listing of current kits.

Their address is:
Sierra Scale Models
2010 Douglass Blvd. #1
Louisville KY 40205
Phone: (502) 451-3745
Sopwith Hobbies
Mmail order hobby shop in the Miami area devoted to all things dealing with WW I modeling. Their catalog is only $1.75 and they will also provide updates if sent a LSASE. This shop has been reccomendation from Steve Hustad .
Their address is:
Sopwith Hobbies
P.O. Box 560442
Miami, FL 33256-0442
E-mail: SOPWITHUSA@aol.com
The Scale Card
They produce very accurate rulers and reference cards for scale modeling and model railroaders. All popular scales seem to be represented in their product line.
Their address:
The Scale Card
P.O. Box 2872
Crestline CA 92325-2872
(909) 338-5018
Squadron Mail Order
Monthly specials. Catalog is updated monthly for $4.50/yr subscription. They occasionaly get small lots of out of print kits for specials. They carry ESCI, Revell, Airfix and Pegasus. Also large selection of tools, paints and books.
Their phone number:
Squadron Mail Order
Precision Enterprises (Ceramic wire)
Precision Enterprises carries ceramic fibre wire. This is 0.006" wire. They are located in Vermont, USA.
Their Phone is:
Phone/Fax: 802-885-3094
After 5 PM, Mon - Fri, 10 AM - 5 PM Sat
Tom's Modelworks
Tom's carries an extensive line of WWI 1/48th model kits as well as acc. and p-etch in several scales !
Their address is:
1050 Cranberry Dr.
Cupertino, CA. 95014
Phone/Fax: 408-777-TOMS
E-mail: tmw1@earthlink.net
Van's Scale Models
Manufacturer of 1/48 scale WWI aviation-oriented resin figures.
Their address is:
Van's Scale Models
109 W.Travis
Fredericksburg, Tx. 78624
Phone/Fax: 830-990-0484
E-mail: 4ears@wtrt.net
Windsock datafiles sources
The address to get "Windsock", and the various Datafiles directly from England is:
Albatros Productions Ltd.
10 Long View
Berkhamsted, Herts
HP4 1BY United Kingdom
Another (Domestic) source for all current, and many back issues of Windsock products is:
Wise Owl Worldwide Publications
4314 West 238th Street
Torrance, CA 90505-4509

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