Pegasus Albatros D.Va (1/72)

By: Erik Pilawskii

The kit is molded in the classic Pegasus medium-hard grey plastic. Two basic sprue trees carry the majority of the kit's 13 styrene pieces, though there is in this example a notable improvement in the molding process. Little flash is evident, and the surface detailing is rather good, particularly on the fuselage and mainplane. A number of white metal parts are included, including the engine, gun assembly, seat, exhaust, and strutting. By far the best of this lot is the Mercedes, which looks very fine. A single strand of thin 'strut material' is provided.

Using the Albatros Datafile Special as a primary guide, the kit spec's out fairly well. Both wing planes appear to be 1mm shy on either side, though the shape is commendably accurate, and the top plane's center cut-out is indeed correct. The largest outline problem appears to rest with the vertical stabilizer, which is incorrectly shaped, though the rudder itself is fine. The spinner looks rather good.

The kit's mainplane sports a nicely molded radiatior, with both upper and lower detail. The wing rib detail is delicate, and appears to match fairly well to Windsock. The wings' trailing edge scalloping is somewhat pronounced, but this may proved beneficial when the trailing edges are sanded to thin them down. The upper plane does feature 'washout', and is commendably thin.

The cockpit interior detail is very basic: a 'shelf' for the seat and an instrument panel are provided, along with a rudimentary control collumn. None bear any particular resemblance to the Datafile, and modelers would be well ahead to scratch the interior (as usual!).

Markings and decals are provided for Helmuth Dilthey's Alb.DVa of Jasta 40, of which there is a fine photo on pp.3 of the Albatros Datafile for reference.

Overall, I thought the kit was certainly worth the price ($16.95 US, on sale). It is easily the best Albatros D.V kit available in the scale, and should build into a super model.



Cheers, Erik

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