Paper Panzer A7V Sturmpanzer-Kraftwagen (1:72)

By: Tom Solinski

Several weeks ago our leader here at the WW-I modeling page was asked if someone could do a review of a paper model from a new site: Paper Panzer Designer Andy Holmes has started what looks like a very promising line of 1:72 scale World War One armor. I volunteered to have a go at a couple of German A7V tanks over the Christmas holidays.

For a short history of this first operational German tank have a look at the Wikipedia article here:

The “KIT”

Paper Panzer provides for two variations on the print out of their 1:72 A7V kits. A simple version and a relatively detailed enhanced version. The enhanced version’s principle differences include external hatches and doors to give the “depth” that the armor would have on the full-scale vehicle and a relatively detailed suspension and track system.

The finished Tanks:

Each one of these took less than three hours of cutting folding and gluing to complete. I highly recommend the Paper Panzer as a GREAT source of well modeled WW-I vehicles. I’m looking forward to other great products from Andy.

Thomas Solinski
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA , January 27, 2009.

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