Product Reviews

This page contains reviews of WWI modeling products. The reviews are written by me unless specified otherwise. I and the other reviewers receive no compensation from the companies that produce these products and therefore can be considered unbiased. I will try to honestly review any products / samples sent to me but since this must be done on my own time this may take some time. Reviews are separated in catagories. If you would like to have your product(s) reviewed here contact me.

If you decide to purchase a product reviewed here, please mention the WWI Modeling Page so that we can receive more items to review.

WWI Aircraft

  • Aero 72 - Reviews of the Aeroclub line of 1/72 scale injection molded kits.
  • Big Joe 1/71 Nieuport 11 - Review of the 1/72 scale card model kit.
  • Blue Max 1/48 Airco DH-2 - Review of the 1/48 scale kit.
  • Classic Plane 1/72 Austin-Ball A.F.B.1 - Review with scans of kit components.
  • MPM Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 - Review by Shane Weier
  • Pegasus Albatros D.Va - Review of the Pegasus Albatros D.Va 1/72 scale limited run injection molded kit.
  • Pegasus Siemens Schukert D-III - Reviews of the Pegasus Siemens Schukert D-III 1/72 scale limited run injection molded kits.
  • Temens Morane-Saulnier I 1/72 - Review of the 1/72 scale kit.

    WWI Figures

  • 120mm Figures - Reviews of 120mm figures in all medias.
  • 1/35 Scale Figures - Reviews of 1/35 Scale figures in all medias.

    WWI Armor

  • Paper Panzer A7V
  • 1/35 Scale Accessories - Reviews of 1/35 scale armor accessories (treads, turrets, etc.).

    Miscelaneous (Tools, reference materials, etc.)

  • Archer Fine Transfers - Surface Details: Stiching, Rivets, etc...
  • Albatros Publications - Referance Materials for modeling
  • Four Years of Thunder - Review of the History Channel's recent series on WWI air combat.
  • Books - Books for WWI Modeling
  • The Scale Card Products - Scale Rules and reference cards.
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